Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Certification Worth Having.

  • If you spend months studying and working just for the chance of getting it; then it’s worth having.
  • If other people know that you had to work your ass off to get that piece of paper, then the piece of paper is worth showing.
  • If well-recognized masters scrutinize and examine you after your study and effort, and then sign their name, then that piece of paper is golden.
  • If only half the people who make the attempt achieve the goal, then that piece of paper is a competitive advantage.

That’s the long and short of it. A certification worth having is one that you have to work your ass off just to get a chance of receiving.

  • It should take months or years.
  • It should cost a lot, just to make the attempt.
  • It should be backed by experts whose reputations are on the line.
  • A sizable fraction should fail or drop-out.


  1. I agree, but: Wouldn't this sort certification more efficiently and reliably be replaced by reputation in your community?

  2. It should cost a lot? allright, that may assure people will take it seriously even before trying, but it has nothing to do with certification's quality. It also seems such an injustice for non wealthy people. Don't you think?
    I agree on the other points.